My grandmother's maiden name was Itta KOLSKI(Kolska) and she was lived in Klodawa from at least the early 1880s - she may have been born there in the 1860s - until her death in 1927. She had 12 children between about 1883 and 1904, including my grandmother (Helena Szczecinski Wolkowicz) in 1891. She lived on the main square where several other family members lived and we owned the house until 1945-46. I believe that one of Itta's brothers was hung by the Cossacks in the main square during WWI.


I have Kolski in my family. According to the family stories, my Great-Grandfather, Henry Jaret (anglicized from Jaretski) had an Uncle named Isaac Jaretski (later Isaac Jaret). Members of the family migrated to New York at various times. I have recently obtained Isaac Jaret's death certificate from New York archives. It reports his birth in Klodowa, Russia Poland in 1851. His father is listed as Samuel Jaret, born in Klodowa, Russia Poland. His mother is listed as Blanche Kolski, also born in Klodowa, Russia Poland. Kolski also appears in New York, marrying into related families.

PER EMAIL FROM JOHN LEWIS 12/16/07: Dear Judy:  My maternal grandmother was born in Klodawa in about 1880. Her name was Bertha Kolsky (Jaretsky) Pifko. she came to the U.S. in 1909. Much of her family sadly remained. My cousin Henyik Opoczynski appears in the photo of the 24 survivors. I would love to chat with you and exchange information.John Lewis

Posted to www.klodawa.org by Roberta Tuller, 8/25/08: I am researching my husband's family and just found this wonderful site. I have pieced the following information together from things my mother-in-law told me and from the California death index. Morris Swentoslawski and Pearl Kolsky were both from Klodawa, Poland. Their thirteen children were born there. Click on Morris Swentaslowski to view that family page on this site.

Pearl Kolski Swientoslawski
Moshe Swientoslawski-Pearl Kolski's husband.