Karen Kronheim, Klodawa descendant, recounts:
My father, Rudolph Kronheim, was born in Klodawa in 1904, one of 8 or 9 children born to Yetta Swentaslowski and Abush Kronheim. My grandmother ran a textile business and the family farm in Klodawa - and my grandfather, according to the family history, was a rabbi and the mayor of Klodawa at some point. I am not sure of all of names of my father's siblings, but I believe there was: Joseph, Leon (sometimes Leo), Genia, Renia and Hela. Joseph came to the US first, then my father and then my Uncle Leon. My grandparents ,along with my aunts, Hela (the eldest) and Renia, fled to Palestine to escape the Holocaust.

Posted to www.klodawa.org by Roberta Tuller, 8/25/08: I am researching my husband's family and just found this wonderful site. I have pieced the following information together from things my mother-in-law told me and from the California death index. Morris Swentoslawski and Pearl Kolsky were both from Klodawa, Poland. Their thirteen children were born there. Their oldest child was a girl born about 1875 who did not leave Poland. She married had had one child named Toby. Toby was born on April 1, 1899 in Poland. Dora Morrison Zagel was born on December 15, 1876. She married Jacob Zagel in Poland about 1904. Theodore S. Morrison was born on January 27, 1877. Simon S. Morrison was born on March 10, 1881. Mollie Morrison Weinfield was born about 1885. She married about 1908 in Poland. Her husband Adolph Winefield was born on February 20, 1874 in Poland. Isidore S.Morrison was born May 15, 1885. Jacob S. Morrison was born on February 15, 1889. Jack Morrison was born about 1900 I don't have birth dates for Getzel Morrison, Lou Morrison, Laura Morrison, Rose Morrison, and one other child whose name is not known. Most of the Morrisons were involved in clothing manufacturing and retired in California. Morris and Pearl remained in Klodawa. I think that it would be a pretty good guess that your Yetta is related to my Morris.

Moshe Swentaslowski. c. 1920
Pearl Kolski Swentaslowski. Drawing dated as 1919, created by a Kolski relative. Pearl died 1914.

Further information submitted by Roberta Tuller, 9/1/08: Hi Judy, I visited Bill Morrison yesterday and I have some more information on the family.  I'm attaching pictures of Moishe and Pearl.  The picture of Pearl is a pen and ink drawing.  It is dated 1919 which was after her death. Uncle Bill gave me a sheet of memories of the Swientoslawski family in Klodawa.  They were recorded by Isidore's son.Victor Winefield, son of Mollie, said that the walls of the family home were eight feet thick. (Victor was born in Poland in 1908 and died in Illinois in 1973). Another relative said that Moishe's first cousin, also named Moishe, had a brother Hersh.  Part or all of Hersh's family moved to Israel and took the Hebrew name BenZvi, Zvi being the Hebrew for Hersh. Jack, the youngest of the brothers, said that Moishe kept a tavern that was frequented by goyim.  Jack remembered one of them grabbing Moishe by the beard with both hands. Pearl died before 1914.  Her son Isidore was devoted to her and did not marry until she died.  Moishe died after 1923 when his grandson who recorded the memories met him. Moishe and Pearl were first cousins.  Moishe had a sense of humor and Pearl was a worrier. One of the Swientoslawski's became a doctor in Paris. The pen and ink drawing of Pearl was done by a first cousin named Kolski, who is noted as coming to America after WWI. In the list of children I gave you Theodore and Getzel are the same person. Roberta.

Further from Roberta Tuller:Below is a link to the Swientoslawska page.



Email from Lili Sussr 9/08, SZLAMA SWIETOSLAWSKI, CYPRA MARYA FLAKS. Translated from Polish by Lili Susser 3/l/l0l

It happened in the city of Plock on Oct.28 I Nov.10 1858 at 9:00PM. Appeared Abraham Moyzesz Morszteyn local deputy rabbi along with 19 year old bachelor SZLAMA SWIETOSLAWSKI living with his father in Klodawa son of SWIETOSLAWSKI the couple peddlers (hucksters) by profession from Klodowa and CYPRA MARYA FLAKSa maiden age 23 living here in Plock with her mother daughter of deceased WIGDON CHAIM and living FAYGEL FLAKS the couple dealers from Plock and in the presence of witnesses Nathan Braun age 55 and Michal Rura age 54 educated living here and announced that before him on the day of Oct. 161 28 of this year between the bachelor Szlama Swietoslawski and maiden Cypra Marya Flaks a religious marriage took place. That this union preceded 3 banns, on Aug. l6-n4A. lAug28 and Sept.-4-19 of this year in Klodawa and on those same days here in Plock. This marriage was given a written permission by the parents of the groom and oral permission by the mother of the bride. There was no objection to the marriage. The newly weds announced also that they made a pre marital agreement before Michal Wolowski notary public of landowners cavalry Gubernia Plock.


Additional Email from Lili Susser 9/24/08: Here is all the information on the Swietoslawski I have, Szlama Swietoslawski married Cypra Marya Flaks  (b 1837)  in 1858 in Plock. He was the son of  Dawid and Myndel living in Klodowa. She was the daughter of Faigela  (Sztrasburger) and Wigdon Chaim Flaks. She was my gg aunt. The Swietoslawski name came up trough the marriage document
as my research was  mainly for Flaks and Sztrasburger.