From Harold Andrews 6/21/07:

I am sending you a photo from my grandmother's small collection. She was Rebecca Jaret Schultz, daughter of Henry and Anna Jaret.  Aftula Mendel reportedly was Henry Jaret's father and Isaac Jaret's brother, and remained in Poland.  I do not have birth or death dates for him, but Henry was born in 1869 and Isaac about 1852 both in Poland,  Also, we have the great confusion between Yiddish or Jewish names and their English replacements.

Jaretski family

Aftula Mendel Jaret (originally, Jaretski or Jaretsky ), his wife Rose, daughter Regina and an unnamed boy. Photo taken in Poland, date unknown.


Previous emails from Harold Andrews regarding the Jaretski/Kolski familes: 3/11/07: Judy -- I have just read your comments on the Kolski family relating to Klodawa, Poland.  I have Kolski in my family.  According to the family stories, my Great-Grandfather, Henry Jaret (anglicized from Jaretski) had an Uncle named Isaac Jaretski (later Isaac Jaret).  Members of the family migrated to New York at various times.  I have recently obtained Isaac Jaret's death certificate from New York archives.  It reports his birth in Klodowa, Russia Poland in 1851.  His father is listed as Samuel Jaret, born in Klodowa, Russia Poland.  His mother is listed as Blanche Kolski, also born in Klodowa, Russia Poland.  Kolski also appears in New York, marrying into related families.  I don't know if any of this means anything to you, or if it helps you, or even if you can help me with information, but your website inspired me to send my small contribution.  Harold Andrews

In addition an email from Harold Andrews to Judy Muratore and Karen Kronheim on 3/11/07: As I've told Judy, I have family that originally migrated to New York from Klodowa.  I have only recently discovered this fact, since I have just obtained a Death Certificate from the powers that be in New York for my Great Grandfather Henry Jaret's uncle, Isaac Jaret.  The name was apparently originally Jaretsky.  Isaac Jaret was born in 1851 in Klodowa and died in New York in 1919.  His death certificate reports his father as Samuel Jaret and his mother as Blanche Kolski, both also born in Klodowa.  Isaac is buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery.

5/6/07 by Harold Andrews: My grandmother told me that the Jarets and the Kolskis were the same family.  She thought that Kolski might have been the original name, but that some of the family adopted the name Jaretsky (after some local woods or forest) to avoid the military conscription laws of the time.  But she was born in New York, at least one generation removed from the old country, and in her 70s when remembering things for me.  Right or wrong, I do not know.

A confusing substantiation to the great mystery.  My mother's cousin, Charlotte Jaret Lipshitz, was born in New York.  Her father was Ralph Jaret.  This was changed from Rafael Jaretsky.  I believe I have recently found his immigration ship's manifest, where his name is Rafael Kolski, and he is listed as immigrating to stay with his brother, Alex Jaret, in New York.  Information I possess from  within the Jaret family report that Ralph and Alex Jaret were cousins.  But, Ralph's mother was reportedly Celia Kolski.  So ..... 1) was he traveling under his mother's name; or 2) was he thinking that visiting a brother was a surer way to enter the US than visiting a cousin; or 3) were the two surnames interchangable; or 4) did he at some point just adopt the Jaret; or 5) is he entirely disconnected; or 6) do we have substantiation of my grandmother's story, or simply more confusion?

EMAIL FROM JOHN LEWIS 12/07: Dear Judy: My maternal grandmother was born in Klodawa in about 1880. Her name was Bertha Kolsky [Jaretsky] Pifko. she came to the U.S. in 1909. Much of her family sadly remained. My cousin Henyik Opoczynski appears in the photo of the 24 survivors. I would love to chat with you and exchange information. John Lewis.

From Claire who wrote into www.klodawa.org 2/3/08: My grandfather is Raphael Jaret, and I have heard stories about Klodawa all of my life. When I found this site, I asked my mother about the Klodawa society and she remembers going as a child. Most of the Jarets mentioned are my great Uncles. I have started researching about their life in Klodawa and was extremely excited about finding this site.

EMAIL FROM ARI MORRIS 2/24/08: Dear Judy, I am doing some family history research on behalf of a friend of mine, who is descended from the Kolski / Jarecki families from Klodawa.His great-grandfather was Rafael Jarecki (aka Kolski), whose parents were Aleksander and Cyrl Kolski.I had a look at the fantastic website you have put together, and am wondering whether you have any genealogical information about the above-named people or families. Also, is there any way that you could put me in contact with some of the people who wrote on your website and who are also connected to the above-mentioned families - John Lewis, Harold Andrews and Ron Volk. Thank you for any assistance that you might be able to offer. Kind regards, Ari Morris.

Email from Bob Kosovsky 8/30/08: Hello Judy Muratore, Oh my goodness.  I found the "Tribute to Klodawa" site and saw that my family on it!  I've been working on the genealogy of my father's family but only recently began work on my mother's.  My great-grandmother (who died when was around 11, so I remember her) is mentioned on her site, Bertha (Kolski) Jaret, so all those Jarets are descendents of her brothers, and I'm literally thrilled to find them. Bertha married Abraham (or Abram) Pifko (in Polish:  Piwko) who seems to have come from the nearby town Prezedecz (I see that a number of Klodawa residents married people from this town).  I guessed that the surname must have been Jaretsky or Jaretzky from Abram's immigration papers in 1907 that he listed Samuel Jaretzky (with that spelling) as his uncle. I see that Harold Andrews is mentioned.  I've tried to contact him (from JewishGen) but he hasn't answered my emails.  Maybe his email has changed.  I would love to me in contact with Jarets.  And to learn who is Harold Andrews and if he is a relative. Thanks very much! Bob Kosovsky, New York City.

Per Moshe Krel, the last row, 4th boy in going left to right, is "one of the Jaretsky's".
Close up shot of the unidentified Jaretsky boys in the Klodawa Cheder shot. 1935/6.