According to Ron Volk, descendant of the Sczecinski family:

"The Szczecinskis were well off in Poland. My grandfather owned several apartment buildings and a store in Kalisz. They had a servant, as did several family members, including Genia. My dad's uncle owned the only building with an elevator in Kalisz. Of course, we lost everything.
Other than Halina, who survived the war, and Alex and Albert, who came here before the war, the rest of the Szczecinski brothers/sisters died in the Holocaust (there were 12 in total). Very few of their children survived. At the end of the war, the only family to return to Klodawa were Dad, his brother, Halina and Genia. One cousin, Willy Green (Greenspan), left Poland via the underground during the war. He was actually a year older than Albert. He lived in Manhattan and died in 1989 at 86. His wife Helen died around 1994."

L-R: Menesha Przedecki, Unknown Woman, Avrum Szczecinski (Albert Morrison).
Klodawa c. 1920


L-R: Menashe Przedecki [Mark Pizer], Helen Morrison, Albert Morrison [Avrum Szczecinski], Joyce Pizer [Menashe's daughter] in front. Taken in Masachusetts around 1943. [Mark Pizer-Judy Muratore's grandfather, Joyce Pizer-Judy Muratore's mother]

More pictures and family history at the USHMM

Gina Tabaczynska (née Szczecinska)
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Herman Szczecinska


EMAIL FROM NILI [Szczecinski] DAVIDOW 17JUL2013: Shalom judy: I find today the klodawa website and I would like to add information about my family that came to Israel from klodawa. My father who passed away many years ago is yehuda szcecinski. His parents were mordechi and mindale. My father – yehuda- was born in 1908, married my mother – etka rezyk also from klodawa at 1934 and in October 1934 they came to Israel ( Palestine in that year).My father had 2 sisters and 1 brother:his brother – yosef was born in 1909 lived in klodawa. His sister ruta was born in 1912 lived in klodawa. His sister sara sibenberg was born in 1915. she was married to mosze sibenberg . they lived in klodawa.To my knowledge they were sent to chelmno and were killed there in 1942.I remember very well my father’s uncle Albert Morrison [Avrum Szczecinski] from his one visit with his wife Helen in Israel and from my several visits in u.s. when I met both of them and their daughter Elaine with her I met in N.Y, also after her parents passed away and before she passed away. I also met many times with  Gina Shrewt – my father cousin in her many visits in Israel. My mother- Etka rezyk- was born in 1912 in klodawa.Her father Abraham passed away when she was a small child. Her mother Mindale was a merchant. She was born in 1875 lived in klodawa and was killed in the war in the gehto in lodz. My mother was one of her 5 children: 3 boys and 2 girls. Only my mother who came to Israel with my father in 1934 and her brother moshe rezyk who also came to Israel survived the holocaust. Moshe rezyk married hanka tabachinski also from klodawa they lived in Israel till they passed away. They had 1 daugther –ora. From her  I  find about the website and I am sure she will add information about her parents’ families.My mother’s brother Pincas Rezyk was born in klodawa in 1900. he married Lucia risman. Before the war they lived in Lodz with 2 children: Leah ( was born in 1929) and Wolf ( was born in 1934). They were all killed in the gehto in lodz. My mother’s brother Yaakov Rezyk was born in klodawa in 1907. he got married during the war in the gehto in Warsaw and was killed there. My mother’s sister –Frida (FRANIA) Hazenberg was born in klodawa.shw was married to shmuel Hazenberg. Before the war they lived in Lodz with their 2 children Golda ( was born in 1930) and Malcah ( was born in 1935). They were all killed in the gehto in warsaw. I was born in Israel in 1945. I am married with 3 children and 7 grandchildren. I hope you will add the information to klodawa website. Thank you. Nili davidow (szceinski).

Members of the Tabaczynski family are gathered at the Klodawa train station to see off their cousin, Hanka Tabaczynska, who is leaving for Palestine. Pictured from left to right are: Etka Rezyk; Yehuda Szczecinski; Hanka Tabaczynska; Pinkus Tabaczynski; Frania Rezyk Pinkus Rezyk and Balcia Natanowicz. Gina Tabaczynska (now Eugenia Shrut) is the daughter of Naftali and Rozalia (Szczecinska). Photo from USHMM-Genia Tabaczynski.

EMAIL #2 FROM NILI [Szczecinski] DAVIDOW 18JUL2013:Shalom judy, I read again my first e-mail and realiised that I did not wrote that my father – yehuda szczecinski was born in kolo – very near to klodawa. I live in tel aviv in the north part of the city (ramat aviv). my daughter with her family live 5 minutes drive from us. one of my sons live with his family un Jerusalem and my youngest son live with his family in nes-ziyona, which is south from tel – aviv.We have a meeting- all of us every cousin ora shulman (rezyk) live also in tel aviv.I meet also with my second cousin – the daughter of edja (ester) tabachinski.I looked at the families names and found a few that I can add something:

Hazenberg My mother’s sister frida was married to shmuel hazenberg.

In 1956 my father wrote pages of testimony and wrote some pages about relatives from klodawa that I don’t know how they related to us. 

Hazenberg dvora born in 1900 in klodawa was married to wolf hazenberg. They have 2 children. she was killed in chelmno. 

  Choen- briyna, born in 1910 lived with her husband perech in klodawa .killed in chelmno.

Natanovich-  dvora, daughter of ester and neta born in 1885 in klodawa. Married to natanovich meir with 2 children. Killed in chelmno. 

Kibel – golda, daughter of Michael and frida, born in 1902 in klodawa. Before the war lived with her husband yosef and 2 children in kalish.during the war was in Warsaw. Killed in ausvich. 

Volruch- rivka daughter of frida and Michael- eliyauo, born  in 1904 in klodawa married to Yaakov with 2 children .killed in chelmno.

I want to thank you again for the wonderful work you have done. I was very excited so I wrote you immediately, but it can wait till you will find the right time for you. 

Maybe we will meet one day in Israel.