According to Michael Pizer: Israel Kibel became a Communist fanatic during his years in Russia. Many years later he visited Michael Pizer in Malden and remarked that "the Communists took the best years of his life". Israel married a Russian woman and settled there afer the war.

Israel Kibel. Bialystok, Russia. 1941. Photo submitted by Moshe Krel.

EMAIL #2 FROM NILI [Szczecinski] DAVIDOW 18JUL2013:Shalom judy, I read again my first e-mail and realiised that I did not wrote that my father – yehuda szczecinski was born in kolo – very near to klodawa. I live in tel aviv in the north part of the city (ramat aviv). my daughter with her family live 5 minutes drive from us. one of my sons live with his family un Jerusalem and my youngest son live with his family in nes-ziyona, which is south from tel – aviv. We have a meeting- all of us every cousin ora shulman ( rezyk) live also in tel aviv.I meet also with my second cousin – the daughter of edja( ester) tabachinski.I looked at the families names and found a few that I can add something:

Kibel – golda, daughter of Michael and frida, born in 1902 in klodawa. Before the war lived with her husband yosef and 2 children in kalish.during the war was in Warsaw. Killed in ausvich. [see complete list of names identified by Nili on the Szcecinski page]

I want to thank you again for the wonderful work you have done. I was very excited so I wrote you immediately, but it can wait till you will find the right time for you. 

Maybe we will meet one day in Israel.