Walrauch Family

The following piece on Jakob Walrauch was copied from Edward Victor's website on postage stamps, letters, postcards from the Holocaust era. See Edward Victor site at: http://www.edwardvictor.com/Ghettos/2006/Tonningen.htmKlodawa (Tonningen), Poland


    When I first created this page, I indicated that I could not find a reference to this town.  Soon thereafter, I received an email from Judy Muratore advising me that her maternal grandfather and his family were from Klodawa, a town in the Lodz district of Poland.  According to Judy, her relatives had advised her that when the Germans occupied the town, they renamed it Tonningen (probably after a town in Germany with the same name).  As indicated in the description of the postcard below, the head of the Judenrat in "Tonningen" was Jacob Wolrauch.  I did a search on the Yad Vashem Central Database of Shoah Victims and found a listing for Jakob Walrauch from Klodawa who died at the Chelmno death camp in 1942.  This would seem to confirm Judy's information.  Thank you, Judy.


    Below are thumbnails of the front and back of a postcard sent by the Judischen Gemeinde in Tonningen (Klodawa), Poland to the Judenrat in the Litzmannstadt ghetto, dated February 10, 1942.  The handwritten message in German is signed by Der  Komm. Verwalter (Manager), Jacob Wolrauch.  The card bears a 4-line violet cachet of the Judischen Gemeinde on the front and back.  There is a short message in green from the Litzmannstadt Judenrat.  Please click on the thumbnail to see the full image, and then click your back key or "Postcard" in the left frame to return.  

Bottom Right in Purple: "Der komm Verwalter Jakob Wolrach".

EMAIL FROM NILI [Szczecinski] DAVIDOW 18JUL2013: Shalom judy, I read again my first e-mail and realiised that I did not wrote that my father – yehuda szczecinski was born in kolo – very near to klodawa. I live in tel aviv in the north part of the city (ramat aviv). my daughter with her family live 5 minutes drive from us. one of my sons live with his family un Jerusalem and my youngest son live with his family in nes-ziyona, which is south from tel – aviv.We have a meeting- all of us every weekend.my cousin ora shulman ( rezyk) live also in tel aviv.I meet also with my second cousin – the daughter of edja( ester) tabachinski. I looked at the families names and found a few that I can add something: [see complete list on the Szczecinski page]

Volruch-rivka daughter of frida and Michael- eliyauo, born  in 1904 in klodawa married to Yaakov with 2 children killed in chelmno.

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