According to an email from Len Levin, June 15, 2007:

"Hi Judy, My maternal grandfather , Hyman Nichinsky (i?) came to England from Klodawa
late in the 1880s, changing his name to Cohen His anglicized parents' names were Lewis &
Annie. Lewis, a tailor & retired soldier, is reputed to have been murdered
by cossacks, so Annie , her daughter Eva & the 4 other sons followed Hyman
to England . Eva , Harry & Barnet lived out their lives in England, while
Hyman & Joe went to live in Australia, & Marks went to Canada.
I gave the family tree details to Elaine Herrett, who gave me your email
address, also to Honey Bot in Toronto.
My g-grandmother was also from Klodawa.  She was Hyman's mother-in-law, &
her name was Yetta Cymber, ( or Simber). I have a tree of her parents &
siblings, if this is of value to you. She married in Klodawa Jacob Czerniak
from neighbouring Przedecz.
 Hoping to hear further from you,  Regards Len Levin

PHOTO BELOW: YETTA [CYMBER] AND JACOB CZERINAK, 68th wedding anniversary. Klodawa, Poland. Photo submitted by Len Levin 1/7/08.