Abrahams--(see also Nichinski-Cohen)
Elaine Herrett wrote on 3/28/07: "My name is Elaine Herrett from Kent, England, and I am seeking information on the parents and grandparents of the Abrahams family children: Bluma, Nathan, Samuel, Tobias, and Saul, all born in Klodawa during the 1870s. It is unconfirmed that their father was a Rabbi/Chief Rabbi who was killed in Klodawa. No information exists on their mother, also believed killed. Information from my 97-year-old aunt (daughter of Samuel Abrahams and Eva Nichinsky) is that the Abrahams family lived next-door to the Nichinsky family.  It would seem that when the Abrahams children were orphaned, the widowed Annie Nichinsky (my great-grandmother) took them under her wing (believed to have adopted them) and escaped Poland with them to England. Later, Samuel Abrahams married Eva Nichinsky (my grandparents), and Bluma Abrahams married Marks Nichinsky."

Photo believed to have been taken in London in the 1920s. Samuel Joseph Abrahams and Eva Abrahams surrounded by some of their children. Elaine's mother, Jane (known as Jean), is standing at the back on the right.