Per post to from Menesha Cieplinski 9/2/08: Hi. My parents (now gone) were from Klodawa I don't see their last names though. You also have to remember that (like in my maternal grandmother's case) the men just studied Torah and the women earned a living. My maternal grandmother Toibe Rifka Bierzwinsky ran a general store. Her husband was named Avrhamam Bierzwinsky. On my father's family they ran a coal selling and taylor shop. My grandparents on his side (who perished in the Holocaust) were Eliyahu Avraham Cieplinski or Czieplinski and his wife Hanna. My older brother went looking for family traces last year on a trip to Klodawa but said he found no traces and noone wanted to talk to him when he visited. Menashe Cieplinski.


Avrum-Myer Brzezinski
Toibe-Rivka Brzezinski
Avrum-Myer, Toba Rivka Brzezinski with daugher Chaya [see Cieplinski], and four of their five sons- Max standing far right, Israel, Isaac,and Chaim [order in photo not known].


Chaya Brzezinski [wife of Moshe Cieplinski]

Chaya Brzezinski

HERSZA FLONDER. KLODAWA, 1913. Grandmother of Chaya Brzezinski; mother of Toiba Rivka Brzezinski.

Per Menachem Landau 28OCT2014: In the picture you can see Hannah and Moses Cieplincki together with their cousin and her daughter - Well, this cousin is also a cousin of my father, named (after marriage) was Golda Bezvinsky (name of the daughter was Erela) - unfortunately they both died, Golda's husband, Chaim, also died. See photo below on left:

Left to Right: Chaya [Brzezinski] Cieplinski, Moshe Cieplinski, Erela Brzezinski, Golda Brzesinski. Israel ~ 1970.

Left to Right: Max Brzezinski and wife. Chaya and Moshe Cieplinski. Date/place unknown. Photo submitted Bill and Menesha Cieplinski. Nov 2008.


PER EMAIL FROM MENACHEM LANDAU 28OCT2014: '..picture, From my bar mitzvah, [ABOVE]  that shows the "table" that belongs to the friends from Klodowa. Iin the picture you can see Alex Epstein (seating first on right) my Uncle David [LANDAU] (standing first on right) my uncle Leib [LANDAU] (sitting first on the left), my father [BENJAMIN LANDAU] (standing in center - wearing a hat) my mother standing next to him, and among them my little sister (named Chava)  sitting second from the left, my father's uncle that his name Chaim Bezvinsky, sitting next to  him, his wife, Golda."


Per Email Menachem Landau 20OCT2014: : photo of his Bar Mitzvah: [ABOVE]:

Standing fourth from left, Ron Bezvinsky (son of Chaim and Golda) standing fifth from left Chaim Bezvinsky, standing next to him his wife Golda [Bezvinsky].
Standing second from right, Yehuda Landau (son of Cantor Naftali Hertzka Landau) standing next to him, his wife, (Judah had already died)

Standing fourth from right, Joseph Landau (son of Abraham Judah) standing next to him his wife - I wrote to you about him in the previous mail, he the only son of my uncle who is still alive.
standing seventh from right Fela (Landau) Kazir daughter of David Landau (unfortunately she died)
Sitting from right: Leib Landau, Landau Ethel (wife of David), David Landau, my dad, me, my sister Chava, my mother Bracha.