Per Jurek Francuz intervew, 3/13/07: Flonder owned a paint store. [not clear if this is in Klodawa or here in the U.S.]. He remembered the name "Eda", but no others.


Email Menachem Landau 26OCT2014:By the way, on the site there is a link to the family Flonder, I discovered that the name of my grandmother's family before her marriage was Flonder - maybe there is a connection ?? 

"In addition, I found a picture of my grandmother named, Feige Leah [Flonder] Landau(she died before the Holocaust in Klodovh)" Photo sent by Menachem Landau OCTOBER 2014.
Hersza Flonder, Klodawa 1913. Grandmother of Chaya Brzezinski wife of Moshe Cieplinski. Photo submitted by Bill and Menesha Cieplinski, November 2008, Brookline, MA.







  [No Photo]