According to Michael Pizer: Abe Bornstein married a German woman, and settled in the Boston area. His brother Sucha also survived the war. Abe owned a five-and-ten store in Malden, Massachusetts. In Klodawa, the family had a watch repair shop next door to the Rotbart family, and in Michael's words, "they fought like cats and dogs!" The father was Avrum and the mother was Bluma. There also may have been a Henyik.

Per Email From Michael Gerver, 9/3/08: Judy, My wife's great grandfather was Avram Yehuda Baitel, who was born in Kutno in 1833, but lived in Klodawa from about 1852 to 1864. His first wife, Esther Chaya Taifel, was born in Klodawa, and her family had lived there for some time. Here is what I know about her family: Avram Yudah Baitel married Esther Chaya Taifel (or Faifel??) in 1852, in Klodawa (a town about 20 miles WNW of Kutno). Their marriage record, and the birth records of most of their children, just list her name as Chaya Taifel, but the birth record of their daughter Raizel Mindel lists her name as Esther Chaya Taifel, and according to Rose Radin (I think), her name was Esther. Esther Chaya was born about 1835, the daughter of Yakov Taifel and Shayna Dobrush Skowronska (feminine form of Skowronski). They were married in Klodawa in 1834. In that record, the name is spelled Tayfel (or Fayfel?), and Yakov Taifel's parents are listed there as Salomon Tayfel (deceased) and Ruchel Kin (that doesn't sound like a Jewish last name, but there are many people named Kin listed in the online index), and Shayna Dobrush's parents are listed as Itzik Skowronski and Nacha Bornszteyn. Yakov's age is listed as 22, and Shayna Dobrush's age is listed as 18. There are lots of other Taifels, Skowronskis and Bornszteyns listed in the Klodawa vital records, including Esther Chaya's sister Taube Kayla Taifel, who died at the age of 7 in 1852.
   Avram Yudah and Esther Chaya Bajtel had three children who survived to adulthood, Joseph (born 1857), Sarah (born 1859), and Isaac (born 1861), all born in Klodawa. They also had a daughter who apparently died young, Raizel Mindel, born 1854 in Klodawa. Esther Chaya died in Klodawa in January 1864.

After Esther Chaya died, Avram Yehuda remarried, and he and his children moved to Kolo, a town very near Klodawa. His second wife, Frima Golda Rauf, came from Kolo, I'm pretty sure, and so did his third wife Liba Bruksztajn, whom he married after Frima Golda died. So there aren't any more Klodawa connections in the family, that I know about. Avram Yehuda's children all eventually came to the United States, though he never did. I do have more information about Avram Yehuda's descendents, as well as about his relatives in Kutno before he moved to Klodawa, if that is of interest to you.

I also have paper copies of the indexes to the Klodawa vital records, from 1832 to 1865 (except 1860 which is missing from the LDS microfilms). Years ago I told Madeline Okladek that I would transcribe them into Excel files, and I never found time to do it. I could scan them easily enough and send them to you as a pdf file, if you want. But I'm not sure it is legal to post them on the website, since they were taken from the LDS microfilms. Madeline might know about that. Mike Gerver. Raanana, Israel.








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