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David (wife Regina Tama), Mordchai and Meyer-Hirsch were cousins who survived the war and are pictured below among other survivors photographed in Landsberg Germany (c. 1945). David and Regina settled in the Detroit area. Myer-Hirsh and Mordchai settled in New York.

Referring to the Landsberg photograph, Allen Burdowski writes: "I was touched looking at this photo. I recognized my father Mark (Mordechai) Burdowski, my uncle Myer-Hirsh Burdowski, my cousin David Burdowski and his wife Regina. I also see family friends that I grew up knowing, the Nicinski family. There is even a picture of Henyik Opoczynski,who was instrumental in saving my father's life."

Michele Prince post on 9/27/06: "My father was David Burdowski. He was born in 1924 and was the youngest of six or seven siblings. He was a barber, and apprenticed under one of his brothers before the war. I recall that one older brother served in the army." CLICK HERE TO READ THE SUMMARY OF THE VIDEOTAPED INTERVIEW OF DAVID BY THE HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL CENTER IN FARMINGTON HILL, MICHIGAN.

Email from Evan Zucker 8/8/07: Judy, thank you very much for putting together this site as well as the stories on your tribute to klodawa website. My grandfather is mordechai burdowski (Mark). It is truly remarkable to see these photos and here such wonderful stories about him. It is nice to put faces to the many people and stories he talked about for so many years. One of the things that I was wondering about was, while he was a live, he briefly mentioned that prior to the war he was previously married and had a son. He never mentioned much of this family because he believed they died in Chelmno. I was wondering if anyone knew any information or stories about his family prior to the war. I was also wondering if anyone knew any stories or had any information about his sister Kyla Rosa. We know that she won a beauty contest in Klodawa and was married with children, we would love to have any documents, photos, or stories anyone has. Also do you have any information about his younger sister Yiskor. My grandfather has told me many stories about his experiences during the war and I would love to share that with anyone who is interested.

JUDY MURATORE RESPONSE TO EVAN ZUCKER: Hello again Evan- I finally was able to visit with my Uncle yesterday. He is very frail these days, but his mind is still good.  I brought the note that you wrote with me so he could read.  His hearing is VERY bad, so it's much easier to communicate by writing.

To answer some of your questions:1) He did NOT recall Mordchai being married before the war.  I think my Uncle would have known this, as they were the same age and in the army together.  There is a chance it was so, and he didn't know about it.2) He did not remember anybody names "Yiskor".3) He definitely remembers Kyla Rosa.  He added that it was my own grandfather--Menesha Przedecki, Michael's brother, that insured that Kyla Rosa won this beauty pageant.  According to my Uncle, every Purim they would have a contest and choose a "queen".  This particular Purim my grandfather went around to all those who could vote and asked them to vote for Kyla Rosa.  Why he did this--I have no idea!  But, it definitely brought a smile to his face remembering the story. 4) We would both be very interested in hearing any of the stores that you have about Mordchai's experiences during the war.  I would also love to post whatever I can up on the website, if you were OK with sharing to the general public--or other Klodawa descendants who are interested.Thank you. Judy.

FROM MIETAL BURDOWSKI 8/07: Dear Judy, I want to start by thanking you for doing this wonderful work! I can not express how much it touched me to see this photo because this is now the only picture i have of members of my family from back then. I recognize in the photo my grandfather Myer-Hirsh Bordowski and his brother Mordechai Bordowski. After the war Myer-Hirsh came to Israel. I am the daughter of Ruven, Myer's youngest son.I am trying to find details about the bordowski family that lived in Klodawa.I have only pieces of information. My great-grandparents were Rivka and Elyahu Bordowski. I think they were neighbors of the Pizer family and possibly lived in a house that belonged to the Jaklinski family, I do not know the st. name. The Jaklinski granddaughter lives in Israel and i know her. Would you be able to ask your uncle if he remembers where my family lived or remembers somthing about them or about the Jaklinski family?

ADDITIONAL EMAILS FROM MEITAL BURDOWSKI ON 3/17 AND 3/21/08: During WW2 my grandpa [Myer-Hirsch] went to the army and when he wanted to come back to Klodawa, people told him that the Nazi were in Klodawa and took his family. He ran away and never came back to Klodawa. While he was running he met my grandma, Etia. She had lost her family and husband and she was running too with her 2 sons. The oldest called Pesah and the second Misha. They started to run together and Myer helped her with her 2 little children. At some point they got married and my grandpa Myer adopted the two sons.I think that during the war my grandfather and his brother were not together, however, I am not sure.  When they were in Feldafing my uncle Pesah, had the Zionist dream to go to Israel and somehow this young boy convinced my grandpa and grandma to go to Israel despite the fact that all the family went to the U.S. In Israel, my grandfather worked in a farm and also he worked in a dairy. He pass away in November 21, 1999.

My grandpa and grandma didn't talk about their life before or durring the war. My father told me that everytime he asked them about those times, they refused to talk about it. As far as I know, my grandpa didnt go to any camp, however I am not sure. During the war he met my grandma, she was running with her 2 older sons, and they started to run together. I think my grandpa reunited with his brother and cousin only in Feldafig. Warm regards, Meital. [see photos below of Myer-Hirsch]

Michael Pizer's recollection of the Burdowski family as told to Judy Muratore September, 2006: He told me (Judy) that he was in the Army with Mordchai Bordowski. The Bordowski family were in fact his neighbors in Klodawa, and they did have these barrels with pickles and cabbage. He recalled his mother giving him 10 "cents" to go there and buy pickles to have with dinner. There were three brothers and two sister. Apparently, one of the sisters was tall, and as he put it a "knock-out". The mother's name was Rivka, and he couldn't recall the father's name.

He also told me specifically about this Mordchai that was in the army with him. He was "son-of-a-gun". He was a barber (as you mentioned) and did very well for himself in the Army - becoming a bit arrogant because he was so well-liked by the higher-ups/officers. He told me the story of a bunch of the army guys getting together and putting him under a blanket and each giving him a whack on the bottom. ( I guess some sort of customary joking around sort of thing). He laughed and tells me softly (as if 60+ years later someone will find out), that it was he (my Uncle) who organized this for Bordowski. He was in the army 1938 and 1939. He told me that he survived the war and went to New York City. My Uncle met him there after the war.

He also said, in Poland, the family would go from town to town to the town fairs with their pickles, and he can remember them chanting/singing/shouting - "Pickles 10 cents" (like a hot dog vendor at a ball game, I guess). He also spoke of either the other siblings or cousins who were also Bordowskis: two were shoemakers, another had an orchard and sold fruit, and others were tailors.

FROM JOEL BRDOWSKI IN FRANCE, 5/08: Bonjour, Je m'appelle Joël BRDOWSKI et je suis le fils de Mayer BRDOWSKI né à KLODAWA le 09.06.1911. Si je me souviens, David est le cousin de mon Père. Il était venu à PARIS.A bientôt,Joël.

Translation: Hello, My name is Joel Brdowski, and I am the son of Mayer Brdowski born in Klodawa, June 9, 1911. If I remember, David is the cousin of my father. He came to Paris. Joel.

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David and Regina-Tama, parents of Michele Prince







Morchai (left) and Myer-Hirsch (right) Burdowski. Israel c. 1980. Photo submitted by Meital Burdowski, Myer's granddaughter.

Myer-Hirsch and wife Eita. (standing) Elijah (left) and Ruven (right)-sons of Myer-Hirsch. David Burdowski in the middle-Myer's first cousin. Israel c. 1968. Photo submitted by Meital Burdowski, granddaughter of Myer.



EMAIL FROM CAMILLE MOLIERE 11/17/08--GRANDDAUGHTER OF MAJER BURDOWSKI: Hello Judy, My name is Camille Morlière, I am 23, I am french and live in Paris. I am writing to you because I belong to the Brdowski Family. My grandfather was Majer Brdowski (1911-1978), he was born in Klodawa, he was the son of Szyja Brdowski (born in 1884 in Klodawa). Szyja had a brother Mendel (born in 1881), who was the father of Dawid Brdowski. Majer and Dawid were cousins.

My mother is Madeleine Brdowski, daughter of Mayer. She was born in 1951. My aunt Ita (Irène) was born in Feldafing in 1947, my uncle Joel was born in 1955. The family name is spelled Brdowski and not Burdowski in my family. My mother thinks that when my grandparents went to France, they were asked to write their family name, and my grandfather spelled it wrong, he forgot a letter, that’s why it is Brdowski. My family is doing a lot of research to find my grandfather’s family. That’s how I found your website.

 Here is a picture of a double wedding: the wedding of Mordechai and the wedding of my grandfather with my grandmother Frania Szpitalnik, which took place in Feldafing the same day.You also recognise Dawid and Regina. The man on the right is Pinchas, my grandmother’s brother. We don’t know who the others are. Do you? Until now, we knew nothing about Majer, except that Dawid was his cousin. I learned on your site the identity of Mordechai. My grandfather is not mentionned, do you know about his existence?? 

We have a lot of photos with Dawid, his wife and two daughters (Sara and Helen?) troughout the years, we have wedding pictures of Helen(?) with Mordechai on it. Dawid and Majer apparently stayed close after they left Feldafing.  I understand that you are not of the Brdowski Family, but that you may have e-mails from some of the members of the family, especially Dawid’s family??. I would like very much to be in contact with them to learn about them, their family, to understand the family tree because I know absolutely nothing about them, and to share photos and memories.

 I don’t know if it is possible for you to contact them, it would mean a lot to me and my parents. I feel so lucky I found your site because I tried all the databases (yad vashem, jewishgen, etc) and found no trace of them. Thank you very much for everything you can do. Camille MORLIERE


Double wedding in Feldafing DP Camp of Mordchai and [?]Frances Burdowski (seated on left), and Majer Burdowski and Frania Szpitalnik (couple seated on the right). Pinchas Szpitalnik is to the right of Majer (Frania's brother). Frania [nee Szpitalnik] and Majer Burdowski.

David and Regina-Tama Burdowski with two of their three daughters.


Additional email from Camille Moliere 11/20/08: Here is everything we know about Majer Brdowski before the war: he was born the 19 June of 1911 in Klodawa. His father was Szyja B., his mother Dwojra Frankenstein. We know he was married to Fradja Sompolski and had children with her before the war. They died during the holocaust. He went to Auschwitz the 26/08/1943. After the war you know he went to Feldafing with the rest of the family, married Franja in 1946. That is all we know, it is very thin.... My grandmother went to at least 4 concentration camps (i think), including Auschwitz, but we don’t know exactly how they met. My grand mother was a Szpitalnik. They are a very very big family, and the genealogy work on this part of  my family is advanced because our family tree counts more than 1400 people and begins in 1780.... This is thanks to a wonderful women in israel, Esther Szpitalnik Eilam, she has done all this work. Franja was born in Lodz in 1925, she was the last of 6 children. The family went to Lodz ghetto, my grandmother went to Auschwitz in June 1944. (we know the dates because there are records of everything: convoy to the camps, who went to which camp, transfers, date of death... Esther found some of them and gathered information)

On the opposite, i know nothing about the Brdowski... My mother was always very sad about that... We would be so happy to learn what you know about the lives of the cousins and brothers Brdowski in Klodawa!! Anything you know, before or after the war. Who where they? Did they keep contact over the years ?? Have you heard about majer’s parents and first wife? Who are the people on the photos?? I also sent you a picture of a man, unidentified. We know this picture was taken in Feldafing and that his name was Eliyashu. Could he be the father of Myer-Hrsch and Mordechai ?? Camille.

Possibly Eliyashu Brdowski father of Myer-HIrsh and Mordchai Burdowski. Photo taken in Feldafing, submitted by Camille Moilere, not positive identification.