Nicinski (see also Nichinsky-Cohen)

From Robin Nichinsky, daughter of Samuel, granddaughter of Yosef-Zalig:
" I am looking for information about my family, who came from Klodawa and many of whom perished during WWII. My grandfather was Yosef Nicinski, born around 1905. My grandmother was Rifka Wisnewski, born around the same time, perhaps a little later. Also, they had five sons. The oldest was my father, Samuel Nicinski, who was born in 1925. His four brothers were younger and all died around 1942. I know none of their names except one may have been named Yankel or Oren. My father and grandfather survived the war but are now deceased."



From Barbara G. researcher in Klodawa, December 2012:

16 Listopada 2012 23:06 Barbara Gańczyk <> napisał(a)

Dear Judy, is ok. Thank you. 

Family Niciński needs work in the archives in Konin. Records of civil status are older than 1911 in Konin. My guess is that these are the oldest Nicińscy Jewish settlers in Kłodawa - from about 1764 or at least 1791. Luzer tailor born in 1846. He died 1936. His parents were Abram and Nacha, probably people Kłodawa. Myszkowski loser and Perl (1853-1930) had four children. In Polish, the name comes from the word Myszkowski mouse. The documents examined by me is not their names, but Bryan Kesselman gives the names of three children: Judah / Ida, Chana Nacha. Probably the loser father had at least one brother.

I have the following information: Hersh and Bran from home Przedecka had a son named Meir born in 1822. He is married to Malka Ruchla born 1834, daughter of Lajzer and Esther. They had two sons, but if I can not fix their names or merge with their further information.

Fajwel and Hejwa home Zawadzka had sons Abraham Hersh 1850 and 1853.

Another line: Lajb Jachiel tailor (Jankiew Lajb) from 1842 to 1910 he was married to Hannah's home Nicińska Jetty. If the wife's maiden name was the same as her husband, this meant that the family was very rozrodzona.

Another line: Mosiek David was the father of Beryl 1917.

Another line: Icek and Chaya home Strykowska had a son named Uryn 1866. Uryn married in 1928 in Hind Sylk (Cylk) Przedecka home and had children: Joseph Zelig 1905 -?, Icek you, Chana, Rivka, Szarna. Joseph Zelig and Rivka home Wiszniewski Przedecz born in 1904 had children: Shmuel Zalman 1926, Aaron 1929, 1930-1932 Ichcak Jacob, Reuben 1934, Raphael 1936.

Another line: Yitzhak tailor Miriam 1897 and 1898 - no further information.

Another line of Abraham in 1892 or 1900 a tailor and Leah - no further information.

Another line: Lajb 1909 - no further information.

Another line: 1895 Chaim Abraham married in 1920 in Bajla Jochewet Olewska urodzoną1896 home. They had children: Szlojme Lajb 1921-1926, Mario Hudesa 1923, Sura Laja 1925, Hendel (Heniek) 1928, Chinda Ruchla 1929, Yehuda Hirsh 1932.

Another line: Zyskind saddler, shoemaker 1885 or 1890 or 1892) probably had 2 wives. Or was another Niciński of the same name. With Deborah 1901 had children: Genendla 1916, 1917-1923 Chan, Esther 1920. The home Gostyńska LIBA, born 1885 Dabie had children: Moishe Lajb 1909-1911. Lajzer 1911, Max 1914 (survived), Man 1914 (or the same person?). Jacob Israel is still a shoemaker born in 1918, but whether the marriage of LIBA?

Whose firefighter son was born in 1887 Uszer?

Whose son Samuel was 1925 or 1926, his father Robin? Did Joseph and Rivka?

Below I enclose my list of family members: Myszkowski, Niciński, Olewski, Przedecki, Wiszniewski. Please fill in missing information. Yours. BG


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Samuel Nichinski.
Laupheim, Germany. 1945/6.

Yosef-Zalig Nichinski.
Laupheim, Germany. 1945/6.