PER EMAIL FROM STEPHEN BLOOM, 11/18/07: I noticed that your Klodowa site mentions the Blumenzon family. To my knowledge, there were only two separate Blumenzon families in Poland, one originating in Przedborz and one in Warsaw. I am related to the Przedborz family. Nearly all of the Blumenzon from Lodz on southward were part of this particular Blumenzon family.

ADDITIONAL EMAIL FROM STEPHEN BLOOM: 11/18/07 I looked at this more, and it does seem that this is the "other" Blumenzon family (from Warsaw, which I am not related to). I do happen to have many records of this family, as I was once trying to see if there was a connection. It does not seem as if there is. The one record I have from Klodawa is the birth of Abram Hersz Blumenzon, 1895. There are indeed some Blumenzon from Kolo, and also Kutno.




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