Per Moshe Krel interview at his home February 10, 2008: .  In Minsk, the capital of Bielo- Rusia, lived and workd two brothers, Widman, from Klodawa.  They invited me to stay with them for the summer, and they will find a temporary job for me.  About ten days after I came to Minsk, the war started.  Germany attacked Russia the 22nd of June, 1941.  The next day, June 23rd, in the morning, a squadron of planes started to bombard the city.  One group of planes left, then another came.  It lasted a whole day.  In the evening we left.  The Widman brothers had an apartment at the outskirts of Minsk.  We decided to walk east from the city.  On the roads were also walking a lot of people.  About 60 km east of Minsk was Puchowichy, where I used to live.  So, we headed there.  During the daytime, German planes flew low and with machine guns shot the roads.  In confusion, I got separated from the brothers.  I never met or saw them again.  To this day, I do not know what happened to them. 

Per www.klodawa.org, "40 Jewish Merchants" list with information provided by a local Klodawite, and translated by Monika Sperkau: there were two Widman families who worked in the town square. One family were butchers. The other owned a flour mill on Leczycka Street.

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