Lewin Family

According to Michael Pizer, the Lewin house was directly next to the Przdecki house on Rynek Square in Klodawa. [scroll to bottom of text to see photos]

Per email from Robert Seigel, son-in-law of Chana Lewin, Jerusalem, Israel, 8/27/07: shalom  Judy, Channa Lewin is my  mother-in-law, she lives here in Jerusalem, and she is not an Edelin ( Naftali Lewin was married to Sarah Edelin [a second wife with whom Dorka was born, there was a different Hanna from Sarahs first husband]]. Sigmund was her cousin ,he appears on the photo you call "Leupheim" (which was NOT taken in the Leipheim camp) as "Zalma"(should be Zalman)  sitting front row with Halina(whom you call "Chaicha").    We do not believe that the person in the first photo with the cap is "Yitzhak Lewin", I do believe that in third photo the person in  the back ground , behind the fence, is Yitzhak, though his son, also named Naftali Lewin, does not believe it is his father, possibly due to the poor quality of the photo. with best wishes, r.

Further email from Robert Seigel on the same date, 8/27/07: hello Judy,there also existed here an organization of Klodawa residents, but none are left. at the cemetery in Holon, Israel there exists a memorial for the dead. sorry i forgot to mention that Channa(Hania) Lewin is Yitzhak Lewin sister. she is the only one alive. Yitzhak excaped out  of the German controlled areas at the beginning of the war  and into Russia and he died here in  1994. another brother Moshe left Poland for Palestine before the war and lived in Tel-aviv and passed away in 1965. it seems all the other Lewins were killed during the war. my wife, dvora, has posted some information in the Yad veshem site here in Jerusalem.  we  also were in Klodawa many years ago and also at Leipheim, where my wife was born. i am attaching our copy of the "leupheim Camp" photo where my father-in-law wrote details of the photo ( some 60 years ago) saying it was taken at Landsberg camp ( 14 jan., 1947), where Sigmund and the others lived after the war. be well,  r

p.s. Channa (Hania) Lewin, now her married name is Channa Kav-Or, survived the nazi camps during war. she does not talk about this and i will not "push" it but i will try to ask her some questions about Klodawa for you but the name "Przedecki"  was mentioned in conversations.

NOTE: On September 19, 2007 I was able to arrange a telephone call between Michael Pizer, who turned 91 on September 2nd, from Boston, MA., and Chana Lewin, who is 90 and living in Jerusalem, Israel. It is the first time they had spoken since at least 1939. My Uncle was very emotional, and was trying to squeeze 60 years of life into one short phone call. Between the not-so-great connection, and a bit of a language barrier, we decided the best way to communicate would be for my Uncle to sit down and dictate a letter to me to send to Chana. This will be done soon. THANK YOU ROBERT SEIGEL, FOR CORRESPONDING, AND MAKING THIS REUNION POSSIBLE!


Yitzak Lewin
Laupheim, Germany. 1945/6.


Dorka Lewin [ABOVE] in the Klodawa ghetto.Dorka sent this photo to her friend, Gina Tabaczynska, in the Warsaw ghetto in December 1940. Dorka later perished in the Chelmno death camp. [THIS PHOTO AND CAPTION ARE FROM THE USHMM--GENIA TABACZYNSKI COLLECTION.]


PHOTO ABOVE: taken in Sender Przedecki's backyard of the Przedecki children and the Francuz boys (Sender's nephews).   On the top of the photo is written "Jech Lewin", but the face cannot be made out. More than likely, this is Yitkah Lewin standing on the other side of the fence in his own yard.