you may find quite a few pictures of the Amsterdam relatives of the Landau-families from Klodawa via the following link:
http://www.communityjoodsmonument.nl/person/175430?forum_start=n296599#comment-296599. Kind regards, Rainer Bunz- Rainer Bunz August-Bebel-Straße 20 63329 Egelsbach Tel.: 06103-23623 E-Mail: raibunz@aol.com http://www.tredition.de/?books/ID4370/Buergertum-und-Froemmigkeit http://www.tredition.de/?books/ID9363/Drey-gruene-Bentzen

EMAIL RAINER BUNZ: 08OCT2015:Hello Judy,
I am researching the life of the conductor Frieder Weissmann (1893-1984) whose father Ignatius Isidor Weissmann (1863-1939) was born in Klodawa and whose grandfather Samuel Weissmann (biographical dates unknown) had been cantor at Klodawa. That's what Ignatz Weissmann's marriage records are saying. I have no other proof nor any further information to the Weissmann family history in Klodawa.
However, in a letter to his son then living in the USA, written shortly before his death in January 1939, Ignatz Weissmann (he was cantor at the main synagogue of Frankfurt/Main in Germany for more than forty years) mentioned a certain "Landau" in Amsterdam who had sent him a telegram urging him to leave Germany with his wife, immediately. Looking for Landau's in Amsterdam I came across the dutch "Joodsmonument" website which offers a wealth of information with regard to Jewish people in Holland. Filtering the Landau-names with birthplace: Klodawa I found entries to four people who are all close relatives of Menachem Landau who had contributed so much to your website.
Should Menachem Landau or any other reader of your website have any information on the Weissmann family in Klodawa, I would greatly appreciate it if they would be willing to share it with me. Kind regards, Rainer Bunz. Rainer Bunz August-Bebel-Straße 20 63329 Egelsbach Tel.: 06103-23623 E-Mail: raibunz@aol.com http://www.tredition.de/?books/ID4370/Buergertum-und-Froemmigkeit http://www.tredition.de/?books/ID936

The Weissmann-book is in the making, and a few chapters dealing with Frieder Weissmann's final years need to be written, still. I hope to finish the book by the end of the year. I am afraid there won't be an English translation ever unless the book will be so successful on the German market that it will lure English publishers to take the risk.
As to the Klodawa connection: Frieder Weissmann's father Ignatz Weissmann was born in Klodawa in 1863. He was the son of Samuel Weissmann, cantor at Klodawa, and his wife Bertha Neufeld. Samuel Weissmann was already dead when his son Ignatz got married in 1892. The widow Bertha seems to have lived on in Klodawa after that date for an unknown time. I don't know whether Ignatz Weissmann had brothers or sisters nor do I know anything about his education and his ways before 1888 when he appears in Southern Germany acting as cantor for the Jewish community in the village of Erfelden near Darmstadt which then belonged to the Grand-Duchy of Hesse-Darmstadt.
Ignatz Weissmann's birth-year 1863 is very close to that of Menachem Landau's grandfather Menachem Mendel Landau (*1860 Klodawa, + 1941 Amsterdam) who owned a restaurant in Amsterdam. Both the Landau-grandfather and Frieder Weissmann's father Ignatz Weissmann have pretty much the same age, and they certainly must have known each other during school-years. Taking into account  that the "Landau"-person to whom Ignatz Weissmann was referring in one of his last letters to his son Frieder, is identical with his age-mate, the restaurant-owner Menachem Mendel Landau, both men seem to have kept in touch all their  life.
This is astonishing all the more since Ignatz Weissmann left Klodawa in the 1880's, already. Menachem Mendel Landau seems to have emigrated to Amsterdam at a much later time, probably after the Russian Revolution. He was accompanied by his wife and three sons: Moziek Hercke (Naftali Moses Hertzka; 1890-1943), Abraham Ide (Avraham Juda; 1893-1942) and Pinkus Szmull (Pinchas Philip Samuel; 1900-1942). In 1927, Moziek Hercke became the fourth chasan of the synagogue in the Jacob Obrechtstraat in Amsterdam, the other two brothers owned a chocolate factory "Gebr. Landau" in the Nieuwe Herengracht in Amsterdam.
It is highly probable that Ignatz Weissmann's son Frieder who left Germany in 1933 and pursued a rather successful conducting-career in Holland before the war, had met the Landau family in Amsterdam, now and then.  But there are no records, notes etc. to prove this assumption.
That's all I can say to the Weissmann-Klodawa-Landau connection. It would be wonderful if someone could furnish me with more information or give valuable hints where to turn to.
All the best, Rainer



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