Per Jurek Francuz interview, 1/13/07: Sperkau was the Yiddish teacher. There was a Sucha, Fela and Surzia.

PER EMAIL FROM SHLOMO SPERKA, 3/16/08: Dear Judy, As you can see my name is Shlomo Sperka. I am fairly certain that the family on your list is my uncle--my father's brother Chaim Szperka. He had three daughters. One Felina or Felia survived an lived here in Oak Park MI. She recently passed away. She lost two younger sisters, Sara Rachel and Fraida Malka, called Franka. Her father was a writer and a "bookish" person, my cousin told me. She didn't mention teaching, but that is consistent . There were familly members in nearby towns. I will be happy to try to provide info if I have it.  I am happy to have found your site. (through a  niece in Israel). Shlomo Sperka


PER EMAIL MENACHEM LANDAU 26OCT2014: --Another thing I found out, because one of the sisters of my father, Shayna Esther Ethel was married to a man named Chaim Shperko, I entered to the link of the Shperko, and saw on the site email from a man named Shlomo Shperko, writes that the brother of his Father his name was Chaim and he had daughter who lived in the United States and its name was Felina or Felia, I knew Felina, she was married to Wolf Gold, lived in Detroit (She was born in Klodowa)
As long as my parents were alive, and she was alive, they visited
Us in Israel, together with the daughter Deborah and the son Chaim, And my parents visited them, unfortunately, since the parents died the relationship were discontinued, and I have no idea what happened to them, where they are and what they do!


EMAIL FROM DOROTHY GOLD 04AUG2015: i just found your notes on the Sperka family. I am the daughter of Felina (Fela) who was Chaim Sperka's daughter. I grew up in Detroit and Oak Park MI. Are you related? Also I remember Menachem Landau and if you read this I would love to reconnect. Thank you. Dorothy Gold