According to Michael Pizer: The Rojewski family were neighbours across the square from them on Rynek. The father was Moshe. There were at least two sons, Schmael and Hersch, and two daughters. On top of the house they lived in was the Czonstkowski family.

Per Email from Joel 6/25/08: My great-great-great grandparents were from Kłodawa, Hershel/Harry (Zvi Moshe) Rogers and his wife (née) Lena Seligman. Rogers may have been Rojeski according to one of their son's US naturalization papers. As far as I know Lena was born there around 1842 and Hershel died in Kłodawa in June 1873. 

Per Email from Jeffrey Stutz 11/25/09:  Hi Judy:I posted three comments yesterday on different parts of the site.  My compliments on your fine work.  My cousin, Joel Gedalius, forwarded his correspondence with you in September 2008.  It's possible that your late uncle who mentioned a Moshe Rojewski was referring to the individual born in 1895 (the Holocaust victim) rather than the father of Tzvi Moshe (born 1833), who would have been born around 1810.  I am writing up my research on the Rogers/Rojewski family, my mother's family now centred in Seattle, for eventual publication.  I live in Toronto.  Best regards, Jeffrey.

Per Email from Jeffrey Stutz 11/10/2010:Hi Judy,I've written a history of the Rojewski/Rogers family which I could make available for posting on your Klodawa website.  Related photos are posted on Facebook.  Would you like me to send you a link to YouSendIt, which is a website from which the history document (about 11 mb) can be downloaded?  Regards,Jeffrey.

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Rogers Family History. Jeffrey Stutz
February 25, 2010. Click on link above.





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Here's the link to download the file. I'll send the links to photo albums on Facebook separately. Best regards,
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Here are links to Rojewski/Rogers family photograph albums on Facebook.  They correpond to the family groups in the history document:
Solomon Rogers: click here

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