Lily and Henyik Neihaus

Henyik Niehaus, escaped Klodawa with Michuel Przedecki and Yurig Francus. All three survived the war in slave labor camps in Russia. [And Lily???]. Henyik Niehaus's Uncle, Yitzhak, owned a stationery store on Rynek, the town square.  His father had an "isengeshaft" - a kind of hardware store - that sold iron/metal goods: nails, railings, etc.


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Henyik Neihaus

Lily Neihaus

Yitzhak Niehaus.
Bialystok, Russia. 1941.
Uncle to Henyik Niehaus who escaped Klodawa with Michael Pizer and Yurig Francuz.

Henyik (right)


Lily and Henyik (together top right)

Lily and Henyik with Michael Pizer