Schloma Markewicz [see also Rybinski]

Schloma was a friend of Michael Pizer. Schloma was married to Margalite Kreiger. He went to Russia after escaping Klodawa, but died after one year.[SEE PHOTO BELOW]


I sent for the marriage certificate of Szulman MARKOWICZ & Ester RYBINSKA dated 1884 and you do list the RYBINSKA name on your site, so I'll provide you with what I know so far. Szulman, I beleive is a misspelling of the name Szulim (Shulim). According to a cousin Shalom Markowicz who filed a testimony at Yad Vashem, he was a Nephew of both Shulim (aka Shalom - they are name equivalents) and his wife Esther (as well as the informant's father Mordechai Markowicz) were born in Klodawa, Kolo, Lodz and later lived in Lowicz were they resided until WWII. I did order two later birth certificates from the PSA for the town of Lowicz dated 1889 and the other 1895 where the parents names were Szulim Markowicz and Ester Rybinewicz/Ester Rybinskoi, which match the 1884 Marriage index entry very well.
Both spellings match the marriage certificate entry phonetically or are related to the RYBINSKA spelling of the Klodawa MC entry so based upon the testimony, It looks like there is a correlation here. I'll know more when I obtain the 1884 Marriage Certificate of the FHL (should take 3-4 weeks) and more when I have access to the Klodawa indices. Shulim and Mordechai Markowicz also appear in the 1907 Duma Lists for the town of Lowicz along with their father (name matching the testimonials as well as other documents I have on younger siblings). Their Birth Certificates don't appear in the index town of Lowicz nor do their Marriage Certificates (my Great Grandmother's Marriage Certificate appears in the Lowicz index, but not her birth). No records for the family appear before the 1864 Birth Certificate for Mendel Markowicz (an earlier Markowicz birth is from another family). I beleive Mordechai's Marriage Certificate doesn't appear in the JRI Index for Lowicz because his wife was from Sochaczew, so they were most likely married there. All records for that town were destroyed in the first world war. So, I beleive with the information I have so far is that the Markowicz family moved from Klodawa to Lowicz some time before 1864 (possibly due to the 1862-3 Polish Revolt against Russia), the Rybinska family stayed in Klodawa, but the family kept contact and in 1884 Szulim and Ester married in Klodawa and lived in Lowicz (again no marriage certificate for Shulim in Lowicz and at least two children's BCs where the mother's maiden name match the Marriage index entry). Also, the two children (Abram) Mendel Marokowicz and Chawa Markowicz that I ordered are included in the Yad Vashem testimonials along with other cousins of said Shalom Markowicz, whom I mentioned earlier and some of their names alos appear in the Lowicz index, though I didn't order all of them. Shalom filed his testimonials in 1957 and lived in Ramat Gan Israel, but doesn't appear in the Bezeq on line phone book. When I get some free time I'll go to the Ministry of Interior and see if he's deceased and if I can obtain his Death Cert., etc. It's clear though Shalom (Shlomo) Markowicz is not your Schloma Markewicz either as he came to Israel and was alive (along with 3 other siblings that gave testimonials as well) in the 1950s.
All of this will take more time for more information and verification (I do this part time). Anyway, being that you asked for information on these two families on the site I thought I would give you what I have. My GGrandmother was Gitle Markowicz who married Shaya Rozenbaum and I have a copy of the Marriage Certificate from Lowicz dated 1880 (all parents' names on this certificate match exactly, phonetically or name equivalently with my GGrandparent's Death Certificates and headstones). Shaya resided in Sochaczew at the time of the married, which is probably why my Granfather's older sibling's Birth Certificates were not found (remember, no records survived from this town). Gitle immigrated to America in 1888, one year after Shaya with two of three children). The middle one lived with her Grandparents, most likely in Lowicz until 1897 when she immigarted to the USA. There's a sister Chaya Markowicz in the JRI Poland index and she immigrated to America in 1927. Another brother, Meir Markowicz immigrated to America in 1900. It seems Shulim, Mordechai, and other siblings Abram and Sara perished in the Holocaust along with may of their children. I don't know what happened to Mendel, I beleive it should have been Mindla as per another Lowicz marriage certificate (I beleive the father registered what he thought was his son and turned out to be a daughter), but neither Mendel nor Mendla Benzunski (married name) appear in the Yad vashem testimonials. I have Chaya's Naturalization record and she had many children, one of whom went to Brazil, so it is hard to find all family members.
Now that I've discovered the testimonials, I'm hoping research into Klodawa will verify my first statements on the movement of the family and help me trace the family back further.



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Schloma Markewicz (right) with friends