From Karen Kronheim, Klodawa descendant:

“My father, Rudolph Kronheim, was born in Klodawa in 1904, one of 8 or 9 children born to Yetta Swentaslowski and Abush Kronheim. I'm sure my dad had a connection in New York City with the Pizer family and maybe it might be helpful to you to know there were Pizers in New York. I believe the person's name was Aaron Pizer. My father came to NYC in the late 1920s, and he and my mother (a Brooklyn girl), married in 1936. He joined with other transplants from Klodawa to form a social group called "The Klodawer Society". It is my understanding that it was not unusual for people to do this and that there were other "societies' around as well. My dad eventually became president of the society and remained in that position for many years.

“As a matter of fact, as the members aged and the membership dwindled in size, the society merged with the members of a neighboring town, Dombier, and formed "The Dombier-Klodawer Society" (this is how they chose to spell Klodawa).

“As a child growing up, I remember going to these meetings with my parents, about once a month, on a Sunday, and I have very strong memories that my parents were friendly with a family named Pizer who lived in New York. There is one person left who I might be able to ask if you'd like me to but I'm not sure if I can reach that person to verify this.

“As for my knowledge of my family, my grandmother ran a textile business and the family farm in Klodawa. My grandfather, according to the family history, was a rabbi and mayor of Klodawa at some point. I am not sure of all of names of my father's siblings, but I believe there was: Joseph, Leon (sometimes Leo), Genia, Renia and Hela.

“Joseph came to the US first, then my father and then my Uncle Leon. My grandparents along with my aunts, Hela (the eldest) and Renia, fled to Palestine to escape the Holocaust. The other siblings (my aunts and uncles) were all married with children (my first cousins), but it is my understanding that the rest of the family perished in the war, including Hela's husband and children."



Klodawa friends at the home of Moshe Krell, Florida, c. 1980. Left to Right Sitting: Leon and ? Kronheim, Chana and Moshe Cieplinski, Moshe Krel [Klodawa survivors]. Top Row L-R: Unknown, Freyda Krell, Debbie Krell, David Krell and his wife.

Klodawa Friends: Left to Right Sitting: Chana and Moshe Cieplinski, David Krel. Standing L-R: ?, Leon Kronheim, Moshe Krel. [SEE CIEPLINSKI AND KREL ENTRIES ON THIS SITE FOR MORE INFO]  


Address of Rudy Kronheim found in papers of Moshe Cieplinski by his son. Thought to have been taken by Moshe en route to Mexico from Klodawa.