Please refer to http://klingbeil.free.fr for a comprehensive family history of the Klingbeil family. One of the examples you will find is: Menahem Klingbeil who was born in Kolo, as were some of his children. Children include Feiga, Isidore/Isaac, Ulla/Rywka, Mieczyslaw/Moshe Jakob, Lutek/Eliezer and Jadzia. Most with pictures associated to them. [The descendant/researcher/author of the site prefers to remain anonymous.]

Sample of photos from the Klingbeil site:

Eli Gerzon Klingbeil
Klingbeil Family Crest
Menahem Klingbeil


Dear Judy
> I have extensive information on the Klingbeil family in Lodz and surroundings.
> The name is sometimes spelled Klingbejl, Klingbajl or Klingbayl.
> For the moment, the family is still split into three branches, but some members
> from each branch know at least one member of another branch to be a parent.
> So I know we are all somehow related.
> The Klingbeils were living in Kutno, very near Klodawa, back from 1780 at least,
> when there was only a handful of Jews in the area. It is then most probable that
> a Klingbejl of Klodawa would be related to my family too.