Jarochowski/ Iarokhovski

Joseph Francuz says: "There were a few brothers. They were exceptionally strong and muscular. When the Jewish boys would go swim or skate or play, the Polish boys would chase them, beat them up. The Jewish boys would always try to have one of the Jarochowski brothers with them, because the Poles were afraid of them as well. Jarochowski sold cows. They lived on the outskirts of the town. They were not as religious as the other Jewish families, and were sometimes considered 'outcasts' for that reason.”

Per interview with Michael Pizer, 12/04: Yaakov Jarachowski filled out some of the pages of testimony for the Pzedecki family for Yad Vashem. Yaakov's aunt married David Hershberg after David became widowed. David Hershberg was a relative by marriage to the Przedecki family [his first wife was Mindel Przedecki] and the great-grandfather of Judy Muratore, the site author.

In addition, Michael said it was Yaacov Jarachowski who served as the " agent" when Michael sold his house on Rynek in Klodawa after the war.

Per email Barbara Ganczyk 09JUL2015: Dear Judy, Jakub Jarochowski, saved Jew, handled the transaction Przedeckiego Michuela home sales. He was killed in a traffic accident in the year. 1955 - by Henryk Skrzypczak relations. The witness remembers that whit the deat police found the briefcase of gold coins, then passed of widow, lived in Lodz.


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