Joseph Francuz recounts: Mendel Grynfeld was a teacher in the Chadar. He and his son survived. [SEE PHOTOS BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE]

Schmuel Grunfeld was interviewed by the Steven Spielberg USC Shoah Foundation. Possibly, the Grynfeld son in this photo. {SEE BELOW] I am attempting to receive a copy of that interview.

Per email Barbara Gancyzk, Klodawa historian, 18Nov2010: Hello, Judy - I have a new material. I filled up two lists of known you kłodawian merchants a different list of merchants, acquired by Mr. Grzegorzewicz. Interesting fact: there is a photographer - Grunfeld. Maybe that comes to Hersh, according to students book at Mendel, he enshrined in the school year 1933/1934 to the class I c (names of parents Hersh and Frajda Ita). The studio was located at ul. Dąbska. Dous Moshe Krell know where the place was a photographer on the street Dąbska. This street was rebuilt several years ago. There are no buildings on the left side towards the river, looking from the BG

Grunfeld, Schmuel
Jewish Survivor

Question Answer
Name of Interviewee Schmuel Grunfeld
Schmuel David Grunfeld (release name)
Gender Male
Date of Birth 10/23/1928
City of Birth Klodawa (Lódz, Poland)< td>
Country of Birth Poland
Religious Identity (Prewar) Judaism
Religious Identity (Postwar)  
Religious Identity (Time Period Unknown)  
Ghetto(s) Krosniewice (Poland : Ghetto)
Piotrków (Poland : Ghetto)< td>
Camp(s) Auschwitz (Poland : Concentration Camp)(generic)
Auschwitz III-Monowitz (Poland : Concentration Camp)
Pionki (Poland : Concentration Camp)
Buchenwald (Germany : Concentration Camp)
Gleiwitz (Germany : Concentration Camp)(generic)
Went into Hiding No
Member of Underground, Resistance or Partisan Group(s) No
Hiding or living under false identity (Location)  
Type of hiding place  
Resistance Group(s)  
Liberated by armed forces, United States
Location of liberation Buchenwald (Germany : Concentration Camp)
Fled from Nazi controlled territory No
Forced (death) Marches Yes
Aid Giver, Liberator, or War Crimes Trials Participant  
Other Experiences displaced persons camps
State of Interview FL
Country of Interview U.S.A.
Language(s) of Interview English
Length of Interview 0:00
Interview Code 51193



Mendel Grynfeld

Son's name unknown. possibly Schmuel