Per email from Victor Schulman 12/12/2011:Dear Judy, Thank you for contacting me. As you've probably heard time and time again that history is meaningless to youth, and as a result, much is lost. It has only been in the past few years that I've been able to rescue, gather and save material from my maternal side of the family.

As a very brief overview, my maternal family name came from Klodowa, Poland in various forms: Green,Grin and Gruen. My great grand parents were Steward and Esther Green. They had at least 4 children, Jacob ( my grandfather and the eldest ),Sam,Morris and Sarah. Only 2 children ( Jacob and Morris ) made it to the U.S.

Jacob was born in 1889. He married my grandmother Hannah from Lodz sometime around 1910. My mother, Rose,was born in 1912. My grandfather left Europe from Southampton and arrived in NYC on 7/24/1913 ( stating he came from Klodowa, Russia-- ever moving boundaries ), leaving his wife and daughter in Poland hoping to bring them to the U.S. shortly thereafter. He settled in NYC and opened a building firm called the Murray Hill Tinsmith Supply Co. My grandmother and mother arrived in NYC on 12/7/1920 as Chana and Rosa Grin. Their stated ethnicity was Austria/Hebrew.
My grandfather then brought my grand uncle Morris to the U.S. in 1923 as Moszko Gruen from Klodowa, Poland. Morris was 23 then. Unknown to him at the time, his future wife was on the same ship at the same time. They had 2 children, Seymour and Marilyn, whom my sister and I called cousins because or ages were very close. Unfortunately, Seymour died at age 30 due to cancer. Morris died a few days before Seymour's death as a result of an automobile accident on his way to the hospital to see his son. We lost contact with that part of the family shortly thereafter. It wasn't until 2 years ago that I finally made contact with my cousin ( really aunt ) Marilyn with the help of the Mt Lebanon Cemetery. It was well over 40+ years that I last spoke to Marilyn and we've been in contact ever since.
In looking at the names of people buried at Mt Lebanon Cemetery, several are familiar such as Rubin ( whom I remember vividly speaking to my grandparents) and Polle Sompolsky and Louis Aper. I also noticed that of those not buried at Mt Lebanon Cemetary is Morris Green. My suspicion is that he is the same Morris Green listed in members buried at Mt Lebanon under < Green, Regina and Morris >. My grandparents, Jacob ad Hannah, are buried at Cedar Park Cemetery in Paramus, NJ.
I do have much more info ( and perhaps misinfo as well ) along with photo of identifiable and unidentifiable people. I also have not had enough free time to and obtain info from Klodower via Jewish Gen,etc. I hope to have more time in the future to devote to the genealogical studies and being able to make contact with my cousin ( aunt ) marilyn was certainly worth the effort.
I would appreciate any info on how to obtain records from Klodowa ( which are probably in a regional town archive ). If you need more info, please do not hesitate to ask.

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