Accordking to Michael Pizer : “Lieser Erdwajn was a shoemaker in the town square. They had 5-6 children. The children survived. One was Zalma.”



Hi Judy, it was a real discovery to read that there is someone still around who knew my family.  Please write to me.  I am the grand son of Lieser Erdwajn, my name is Eliezer Jeshayahu Erdvin, I guess in time the spelling of the name was changed as the sound of the letter j in polish is an i.  I am sorry to say that my father Zalman had passed away just this passed September at the age of 97.  He married my mother after the war that also came from Klodawa, her name was Machla Eicha and she passed away at the age of 83 this passed year as well.  I have no information about any of my parent's families and if you have any please be in touch with me.  My mother's parents were; father, Jeshayahu and mother Leah.  Please let me know if Mr. Michael Pizer is still alive and if I can get in touch with him or his family.  My parents lived in Israel and died there.  I live in Toronto, Canada.  I have one sister her name is Varda.  I have 5 children and 9 grand children, ironic to how the Nazis ( may there names be erased) wanted to do away with us, but we survived and the generations are growing, thank G-d.





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