According to Michael Pizer : “The Czonstkowskis were a large family. They bought grain at wholesale, and took it to larger cities to sell. Arthur Czonstkowski was a tenant in Sender Przedecki's house at No.10 Rynek (Michael's home).”

Per Joseph Francuz 1/07: “Shima Czonstkowski was arrested and killed by the Germans for lending money.”

Per Moshe Krell 2/10/08: [speaking of Yom Kippur day when the Germans took townspeople out from the shul] ..Later, also they killed a man named Henrich, because in his back yard the Poles buried a German spy.  They killed another man named Shymon Chostkowski[Czonstkowski?] [I am not positive this is the same family. Moshe did spell it differently] He was the leader of the Bietar in our town.  They also put up posters that the Jews should give up all their gold pieces and all valuables on threat of being killed otherwise. 

12/30/09: My name is David Cząstkowski son of Moishe Cząstkowski and Tauba Opoczinski. I and my mother are living in Israel. I met several times Heniek Opoczinski in Poland 1957-1961 and after that' in Israel. In the second picture appears my uncle Leiser Opoczinski (brother of my mother Tauba - the third picture) and his wife Ruśka. I met also at 1957 Shmil Skowronski in Moskow and Raine Oper in Israel.



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