Wolf Czerniak and Sarah Lean Zolka with their two youngest children before leaving Klodawa. 1860.
Wolf Czerniak and Sarah Leah Zolka with extended family. 1862.


The photos taken [ABOVE] in 1860 and 1862 shows Wolf Czerniak and Sarah Leah Zolka with their two youngest children,just prior to leaving Klowada and two years later in England. The family changed their name to Cohen on arrival. Other siblings left Poland between 1850—1890, and then to Australia between 1870 and 1910. Large families in Sydney and Melbourne resulted and in 1995 a family gathering of 200 decendents was held in Sydney.

Using the Mormon church BMD records the Polish family tree was researched  which showed families living in the above towns, from 1770 to 1890.Seven members born between 1762 and 1782, and twenty one members born between 1791 and 1830,all lived and married in the above towns. To assist in finding family connections I attach the tree of the Czerniak family during this period......................Bernie Freedman.


FROM LEN LEVIN 6/15/07: Hi Judy, My maternal grandfather, Hyman Nichinsky, came to England from Klodawa late in the 1880s, changing his name to Cohen His anglicized parents' names were Lewis & Annie. Lewis, a tailor & retired soldier, is reputed to have been murdered by cossacks, so Annie , her daughter Eva & the 4 other sons followed Hyman to England . Eva , Harry & Barnet lived out their lives in England, while Hyman & Joe went to live in Australia, & Marks went to Canada. I gave the family tree details to Elaine Herrett, who gave me your email address, also to Honey Bot in Toronto. My g-grandmother was also from Klodawa. She was Hyman's mother-in-law, & her name was Yetta Cymber, ((or Simber). I have a tree of her parents & siblings, if this is of value to you. She married in Klodawa Jacob Czerniak from neighbouring Przedecz. Regards Len Levin.


See paragraph below from Len Levin explaining photo.

ADDITIONAL EMAIL AND PHOTO(S) FROM LEN LEVIN 1/7/08: The couple pictured on the 68th anniversary of their wedding in Klodawa are Yetta (nee) Cymber & her husband Jacob Czerniak, who came from the neighbouring stetl of Przedecz, and were Hyman Nichinsky's wife Sarah's parents, who lived with my grandparents for many years.

Email from Helen Brasgold 8/3/08: My maiden name is Helen Schayniak or Schajniak or Szajniak The z is changed was changed in eNGLISH TO SCH but we spell our name many different ways. My dad (late) was Michael Szajniak He came from Blashski in Poland very close to Lodz Do u think there could be any relation. Helen.

Email from Kara Kittle, 9/19/08: I am helping a friend with genealogy. Her grandfather was Michael Szajniak born in the area of Lodz or vicinity. He died in the Chelmno Extermination camp. I just came across your site and was wondering if you knew the towns where the Szajniaks primarily lived. Thank you. Kara M. Kittle.

Additionally from Kara Kittle on 9/21/08: The record I have is that this Michael Szajniak b. 1915 was transported on June 30 1944 from Lodz to Chelmno. That was the same birthdate as Helen's father. There was another Michael Szajniak b. July 5 1915 who registered a change of address in Lodz. It seems the origin is Kalisz. Both records indicate the same date of birth but one record is 1914 and the other 1915. I don't know if it is the same man or two who are the same age. The address listed was Rybna 18 in Lodz. There were several other Szajniaks also listed with him being transported to Chelmno. I found all this on Kara M. Kittle.


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