Jaklinski- see also Zychlinsky, Iglinski/a

According to Michael Pizer there were TWO Zychlisky familes:

The first one: Chaim Jaklinski was the father. He was a butcher on Rynek. They had a beautiful home. The Burdowski family (that of Myer-Hersch and Mordchai) lived in the basement apartment of this Zychliski family. There were two children Chana and Lavish. Chana was friends with Rachel Przedecki, Michael's sister.

The other family: There were three Zychlinski brothers: Arthur, Henyik and Yosef, and two sisters: Esther and Fela. Arthur and Henyik survived the war in Russia. After the war, the brothers stopped in Tashkent, where Michael, Lienna, Yurig Francuz, and wife and child were working on building a theater. Yosef had gone to Mexico before the war.

Before parting in Russia, Arthur Zychlinski gave Michael an address in Houston, TX, where he would be going to. Apparently, Michael found the address about 10 years ago, (which is about 50 years later) wrote him, and he called right back. So, they have been in touch since leaving Russia.

Enrique Chelmnisky writes: "I left Klodawa in 1933 at the age of 5 or 6. I do not know of any Klodawa survivor living in Mexico except my cousin Malkah Rabinowitz (née Stempa), who left Klodawa at a similar age 6 years later, and the brothers Zychlinsky. One of them I believe survives."

Per Email from William F. Willoughby, 7/3/07: I have just published a book on the Zychlinski family entitled "The Zychlinski Family: Their Polish ancestors and their American Descendants." Unfortunately, there are no Klodawa references.  Family lore Did say that my great-grandfather, Witold Zychlinski, owned a gold mine in Mexico, and that he was either murdered or shot there in a duel, but as I discuss in the book, it seems more likely that he died either in Texas or in New Mexico. William F. Willoughby.P.S. Copies have been mailed to most of the major genealogical libraries.







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